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"Thinking with heart feeling with mind."

J.L. Moreno

Meet Sharni


Sharni is an innovative and creative experiential facilitator, with a BA in Psych, Musical Theatre and an accreditation as a Psychodramatist. She will help you reveal you or your business’s full potential through engaging interaction, evocative stories, practical ideas and thought provoking insights, leaving you feeling energised, inspired, empowered and 

connected. Sharni's unique background in performance and psychology means her refined intuition allows you to tap into your creative genius without force through the safe, warm and welcoming environment she creates. 


My Mission


I believe that authenticity is the key to leading a fulfilled life. I am a creative, positive spirited and enthusiastic learner of life, people and family. I come from a drama, musical, media and psychology background. I believe I have found the perfect area of expertise that brings together my passions of story telling, people, emotional wellbeing and creativity. I believe that we always have the answers within us and I love being able to give people the opportunity to discover their own ‘Aha’ moments.


Whether it be for educational, personal or professional development, Sharni uses an experiential approach that gets to the core of your obstacles, challenges and aspirations quickly and effortlessly.

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Children Workshops

Sharni works in schools and in private practice with children focusing on themes such as friendship, empathy, resilience, body image, bullying, helping develop tools and communication skills to improve their level of wellbeing whilst at school and in their daily life.

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Adult Workshops

I work with you in a way that allows you to be in your body, in the moment and out of your head. It is refreshing, energising and life changing. You will reconnect with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a way that is eye opening and empowering, all with the support of a group environment. 

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Press Pause
A musical with emotional literacy as the star of the show!

As co-founder of Musical Sprouts, a professional theatre company for children aged 2-9, I wanted to draw on my expertise in children’s development to create a resource that engages the arts as a communication tool. My business partner Bridget a'Beckett, is an incredible composer and writer, and together with our performing backgrounds we have created this resource for schools to support teachers with already full workloads due to the many adjustments they have had to make.
As we are qualified across the fields of psychology and creative arts, we have also used our skills to develop a children’s musical funded by VicHealth about emotional literacy. The research conducted over the past year has formed the foundation for this Teacher Resource.

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