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"Thanks so much Sharni. My son came home with a happy buzz. You bring out the best in him."             

Welcome to a space where compassion and creativity intertwine, where the courage to inhabit our bodies and embrace the present moment is celebrated, and where the pursuit of connection and authenticity reigns supreme. In the midst of life's challenges and internal struggles, finding this space can feel elusive. That's where I come in.


As a therapist specialising in a range of modalities, my expertise lies at the intersection between wellbeing, creativity, neuroscience, somatic experiences that bring you into the moment and a heart, body, mind approach to meet your challenges and desires. 


Thank you for stopping by; it's a pleasure to meet you here and help you discover what has brought you here and how I can support you. In this space, I invite you to connect with your curiosity and courage so may delve deep and explore. Whether you're grappling with narratives that have become entrenched in your psyche, seeking release from past traumas, feeling overwhelmed by the demands of daily life, or harbouring aspirations you've been hesitant to reveal, there is something for you here.


You are not alone. Our unseen unconscious world impacts our objective and how we view ourselves in it. There are countless reasons that may hinder us from living fully and joyfully. Here, I illuminate the unseen, bringing to light the aspects of our unconscious that often remain hidden. Through concrete actions and physicalisation, I will explore with you to create a tangible representation of your inner worlds, so you may gain fresh insights and perspectives, new ways of being and ultimately, transformation.

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Don't miss the chance to SAVE, elevate your acting SKILLS and nurture your emotional WELL-BEING with this revolutionary approach to acting.

With a track record of clients cast in prestigious Australian feature films, Netflix and Foxtel TV series, and major TV campaigns, Sharni's expertise is more than just honing performance skills; it's about nurturing the individual behind the actor to unlock their true potential. Success in acting starts with a healthy mind and body.

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How I work with you

What Are You Interested In?

  • Are you a performer who wants to feel more grounded within yourself and the industry, hone your auditioning and character development skills,  or de-role after completing a project?


  • Is your child struggling with big feelings, self esteem, life changes, school transition…the list goes on. How do you know what’s happening inside your child when they are too young to articulate it themselves?

  • Would you like the chance to develop new ways of communicating with your child or family?

  • Do you need to overcome specific obstacles, or create new possibilities in your work or personal life?

  • Are you facing a major life transition and would love support in navigating through it confidently and painlessly?

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