Meet Sharni


Sharni is an innovative and creative experiential facilitator, with a BA in Psych, Musical Theatre and an accreditation as a Psychodramatist. She will help you reveal you or your business’s full potential through engaging interaction, evocative stories, practical ideas and thought provoking insights, leaving you feeling energised, inspired, empowered and 

connected. Sharni's unique background in performance and psychology means her refined intuition allows you to tap into your creative genius without force through the safe, warm and welcoming environment she creates. 


My Mission


I believe that authenticity is the key to leading a fulfilled life. I am a creative, positive spirited and enthusiastic learner of life, people and family. I come from a drama, musical, media and psychology background. I believe I have found the perfect area of expertise that brings together my passions of story telling, people, emotional wellbeing and creativity. I believe that we always have the answers within us and I love being able to give people the opportunity to discover their own ‘Aha’ moments.

Group Workshops


Whether it be for educational, personal or professional development, Sharni uses an experiential approach that gets to the core of your obstacles, challenges and aspirations quickly and effortlessly.



Sharni works in schools and in private practice with children focusing on themes such as friendship, empathy, resilience, body image, bullying and other themes that can improve their level of wellbeing whilst at school. Developing life skills using the psychodramatic/sociodramatic process encourages children to communicate and collaborate with one another, using their creativity and spontaneity. The result is greater confidence, compassion and cohesiveness as they come up in themselves to solve the problems they face in their learning environment together.


Sharni's expertise is working with the women through their life transitions, educators, and people in creative fields. She explores the themes that emerge naturally in the group in an engaging, active process, connecting her clients to their thoughts, feelings and actions. The result is that they discover fresh perspectives, new strategies and greater potential for change in their professional or personal life through the answers that emerge from within them.

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Upcoming Events
Creating Space: For Women Wanting More Out of Life
Sun, May 26
88 McKinley Track
May 26, 2019, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
88 McKinley Track, 88 McKinley Track, Cobaw VIC 3442, Australia
Do you: Feel creatively stuck? Need to remove obstacles? Find your flow? Get a clearer artistic direction? You’re not alone!
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