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SHARNI PAGE - BA Psych, BA Mus Th, Accredited Psychodramatist


Role Trainer

Acting Coach

"Thinking with Heart

Feeling with Mind"

- J L Moreno

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Sharni Page
Sharni PagePsychodramatist / Role Trainer / Acting Coach

My Mission.

As an innovative and creative experiential facilitator, Sharni will reveal you or your business’s full potential through engaging interaction, evocative stories, practical ideas and thought provoking insights, leaving you feeling energised, inspired, empowered and connected.

I believe that authenticity is the key to leading a fulfilled life. I am a creative, positive spirited and enthusiastic learner of life, people and family. I come from a drama, musical, media and psychology background. I believe I have found the perfect area of expertise that brings together my passions of story telling, people, emotional wellbeing and creativity. I believe that we always have the answers within us and I love being able to give people the opportunity to discover their own ‘Aha’ moments.

I believe in connection. We cannot be authentic if we are not connected within ourselves and with others. We do not have to feel isolated or alone and my belief is that everyone deserves to feel loved, listened to and nurtured. I also believe that this is something we fear and tend to actively avoid. Relationships are key and I believe that we are intrinsically cooperative and want to belong but that life experiences push us away from this natural instinct. I believe in taking care of whole person and that means… CLICK TO CONTINUE

I had no idea what lay ahead of me, but I can tell you Sharni your workshop was one of the best experiences of my life.
Leah Bourne, Actor
Thanks for Saturday, it was extraordinary. Such a valuable process, I find it so helpful and I really can’t thank you enough. I have been feeling really clear and quite grounded. You’re amazing
Lyndelle Green, Professional Acting Coach
Sharni’s psychodrama skills are exceptional and outstanding…Sharni is a professional and intuitive Psychodramatist.
Ling Mu, Psychologist & Psychodramatist
I was first introduced to Psychodrama when preparing a monologue for an audition. I had private classes with Sharni Page where she facilitated the psychodrama process. I have worked in Australia and London as an actress and I have never experienced anything like psychodrama. I will definitely be using this process in future, rehearsals, workshops and productions in my performing arts career.
Jennifer Monk, Actor

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I now work at the delightful Western Health Collective located at:

571 Barkly St, West Footscray 03 9687 5670

It’s just a few minutes from the CBD. If you’d like to book a session with me please click on the link below.

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Children’s Workshops

All children are unique and have their own way of processing, learning and responding in the world. They are raised in different environments and have their own set of expectations about how they should be. However, they are also children and so it is imperative we keep them connected to their creativity and spontaneity. As children we all had the ability to problem solve effectively. It is intrinsic, and over time we unlearn these skills and conform as society expects us to. We lose our ability to a greater or lesser extent to be creative and spontaneous and fall into a trap; the trap of responding to an old situation in exactly the same way or, a new situation with a block of some kind. What if there was a process that could help tap into that again?
We are in a wonderful position, whilst children are still young, to engage with them on their level; to keep them connected with their feelings and each other, and therefore create a more optimal learning space. We learn just as much from kids as they learn from us.
By creating an environment where they feel empowered, their confidence can build and they express themselves freely in the moment. They strengthen their empathy for others improving their own sense of wellbeing. In the group environment they focus, engage, contribute and grow. By making time for this, we save time in the long term.
I work with children and teenagers in this way. I create a safe, collaborative environment which makes for more enthusiastic and inspired kids. They want to learn. They want to contribute and they want to collaborate. Ultimately kids want to belong, feel included and connected and they want to be valued. I know I want all of these things now and and I remember very strongly wanting these things as I was growing up.
Adult Workshops

Adult’s Workshops

We live in a very demanding world today. There are so many pressures and expectations of what we should be achieving, personally and professionally and therefore our level of stress and anxiety is high and constant. Unless we make time, there seems to be no time for reflection about whether what we are doing is what we want to be doing, or whether we are being who we want to be.
Thoughts are incredibly powerful, so powerful that they can literally change the wiring of our brain. Neuroscience is proving this now.  Mental illness is fast becoming the no 1 health issue of our time. However, we all have the potential to change that. I work with you in a way that allows you to be in your body, in the moment and out of your head. It is refreshing, energising and life changing. You will reconnect with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a way that is eye opening and empowering. You have the ability to learn new ways of being, and develop helpful more progressive roles in your life and let go of less helpful more fixed roles. How wonderful to think that all of the answers to your challenges and aspirations can emerge within you without force through playful exploration.

Corporate Workshops

Does your business need a creative boost? Would you like an opportunity to brainstorm and innovate in a completely refreshing way? We all get stuck in our heads, feel creatively blocked and find it difficult to come up with new and exciting solutions to existing problems and challenges. I will work with you or your business, to take your ideas out of your head and put them on the floor so that they can be seen, explored and expanded. My process encourages collaboration, team building and co-operation without force, and allows for you or your employees to tap into their creativity and spontaneity effortlessly in a way you never thought possible. If you want an experience for you or your team that will bring you all together; that encourages active participation and empowers or challenges each individual to see themselves and their role in a new light, then this process is for you.

Acting Workshops

Acting Workshops

As I have been an actor for almost 20 years, the psychodramatic process has a particularly positive impact on the lives of actors. I work intuitively and have a unique understanding of an actor’s inner world. This puts me in the optimal position to work with them. The skills I employ ensures a safe and creative environment. I gently guide and empower actors to connect with their inner blocks and obstacles by exploring what emerges within them. The outcome is a greater level of self awareness and authenticity for the actor from the fresh perspective that I enable.

The same psychodramatic technique can then be applied to actors and their process in the rehearsal space, working with scripts and characterisation; deepening their emotional connection with the character and the other actors they are working with.

Cool Psychodrama Terms

The fundamental concept in Psychodrama that each of us has an ‘expert within’, capable of discovering a solution to even the most difficult of situations given the opportunity to do so. It is the belief that we all have the innate ability to realise our full potential.
A person who takes on a role in an enactment for a protagonist. This role could be a person, an inanimate object, or an abstract concept. The auxiliary responds to the protagonist’s needs remaining authentic to their reality, but is encouraged to bring forth what is in them in the role.
Enables a protagonist to portray both their inner and outer world from the abstract into a concrete form in the ‘here-and-now’. It can be done through a sculpture, using an object (such as a cushion) or by having an auxiliary take up a particular role, place or thing for the protagonist. This allows the protagonist to interact or act with what has been concretised, allowing a new perspective, role or learning to emerge.
The person for whom the role play is enacted. The ultimate beneficiary of the process of focusing on their particular, personal, emotionally problematic situation to enact on stage.
Role-Taking –

‘Being” in a role in life itself. It is a social conserve, such as mother, in that they have a finished form. Children learn roles through role taking, as do we all when developing a new role or in the psychodrama, we ask the protagonist to take up the role in the first place and then once they have done that we say role reverse…etc.

Role Play –

‘Playing’ a role by choice in a given setting, for the purpose of exploring, experimenting, developing, training or changing a role.

Spontaneity and creativity are a twin canon. Spontaneity is a new response to an old situation or an adequate response to a new situation. Creativity is creating something that wasn’t there before plus something is made manifest.
Is a technique whereby a protagonist chooses a person to be by their side (or wherever feels right for the protagonist) and acts as an extension of themselves during the enactment. A double is used to express that which the protagonist cannot, by using words, sounds or action as a support for the protagonist. Sometimes a double is used when a protagonist is facing an incredibly daunting moment, and having the double physically by their side helps them not feel they are alone in their exploration.
Is a technique by which an auxiliary takes on the protagonist’s role and the protagonist steps outside the drama to see themselves ‘as if in a mirror’. They are present physically but not psychologically. The mirror deepens the connection and feeling, and helps the protagonist discover a new perspective giving them a clarity and emotional connection to which they can move the action forward. This is particularly helpful if they have become “stuck” and moved out of their body into their head. We can also mirror people by reflecting back to them what they have said or present an image to them so a mirror can be verbal. None of us have had enough mirroring in our lives and mirroring confirms us in our true selves.
In it’s simplest form it is person A becoming person B, and person B becoming person A. The process of stepping into the other role allows the protagonist to walk in the shoes of the other, and see the world from their perspective. This deepens their connection and empathy and the physical act of moving from one role to another ensures that the protagonist stays in their body and therefore remains spontaneous and in the here-and-now.
Scene setting creates safety and warms the protagonist up more deeply to being in the here and now of the event or situation. In order to move into action, the protagonist must first set out the most important things in the scene. For example, if the protagonist wants to explore a recent job interview, they might set out a desk and two chairs. By doing this they are reconnecting with their feelings during this time because they are visualising the scene, and then choosing what needs to be present.
Is a readiness for any encounter or situation. It is what warms us up to anything we do in life and can be generated from the outside or the inside, from within. For example, what warms us up to cleaning the house, a desire for peacefulness, a driven-ness to feel like you have your life under control. Warm-ups can be high, low, over-heated, under-heated, conflicted, ambivalent and so on.

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