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Bringing Your Voiceovers to Life

Sharni is comfortable in a studio and quite frankly she would want to be after 16 years of being a voiceover artist. Clients and studios appreciate her warmth, easy going nature and professionalism to get the job done promptly and with ease. 


Sharni loves people and embraces the freedom that comes with using her voice. She brings her versatility and adaptability so that you get what you need. She understands that you are busy, and no doubt juggling a lot at the same time to get the job across the line. Sharni will make sure the voiceover element is stress free, and enjoyable at the same time so you can tick that job off the list.


Having worked on campaigns for The Australian Government, Holden, AIA insurance, TAC and Cadbury, Sharni looks forward to working with you on yours.

To hear more of Sharni's work or to book her click here

Sharni VO Demo
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