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I believe that authenticity is the key to leading a fulfilled life. I am a creative, positive spirited and enthusiastic learner of life, people and family. I come from a drama, musical, media and psychology background. I believe I have found the perfect area of expertise that brings together my passions of story telling, people, emotional wellbeing and creativity. I believe that we always have the answers within us and I love being able to give people the opportunity to discover their own ‘Aha’ moments.


I believe in connection. We cannot be authentic if we are not connected within ourselves and with others. We do not have to feel isolated or alone and my belief is that everyone deserves to feel loved, listened to and nurtured. I also believe that this is something we fear and tend to actively avoid. Relationships are key and I believe that we are intrinsically cooperative and want to belong but that life experiences push us away from this natural instinct. I believe in taking care of whole person and that means nourishment in many varied and creative ways.

I believe in laughter, spontaneous drives and beautiful gifts for all the senses. I believe the joy of life comes when we least expect it, doing something that is not planned, and trying a new approach. When we are open, we see more clearly, we feel more sensitively, hear more acutely and know more intuitively. I believe in choosing to be conscious and present. I believe in filling your soul cup and doing something small but meaningful for yourself each day. I believe in candles and burning oils and the smell of a freshly brewed coffee in the morning. I believe in breakfast in bed and dinner parties with friends and Friday night family movie nights.

I believe in the chaos and playfulness of children and that we learn just as much from them as they learn from us. I believe in mindful parenting and watching them while they play. They teach you a lot when they play about what they are processing in their little but very important lives. I believe that each day can feel eternally long with kids but that the years fly by. I believe in life balance. There is always a compromise, it is working out what yours is. I believe you can have everything, just not at the same time!

I believe in music, singing at the top of my lungs in my car when driving alone and dancing around the house for no reason at all with the music pumping. I believe in rhythm, and melody and harmony. I believe in the rhythm of life but that sometimes we need to adjust our own rhythm, walk to our own beat and whistle our own tune. I believe when I am creative I feel most alive.

I believe a long and rigorous walk always clears the mind. I believe that action shifts energy faster than simply talking. Intellectualising stays contained, being in your body through movement, keeps you spontaneous and allows new ideas to emerge, blocks to shift and roles to develop and blossom creatively.

I believe in challenging our comfort zone and putting ourselves in new situations. I believe in feeling. By feeling we are self aware and that can lead to making a new choice. I believe in feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I believe in empathy and that by walking in another person’s shoes we learn new perspectives, develop a deeper level of empathy and compassion for others and for ourselves. I believe that everyone deserves to be what they would love to be and that when you value yourself you will ultimately find your true path.

I believe that time is precious, life is short and we must use our energy wisely.

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