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I can't tell you how much I love witnessing profound moments of change in my clients. Let's face it, life is too short to feel stuck, blocked, inadequate, or incapable of moving forward. Helping you feel more connected within yourself so you can operate from a place of joy is my mission. And what gives me a sense of relief is how the seemingly negative moments in our life can be the very moments that set us on the path where we find our true purpose. It takes courage to look at them, but if we are not afraid to feel those moments, explore them and create the opportunity to see them in a new light, we have the potential to experience how great life can be. The past may not be able to change but the impact it has on us most certainly can. I will help you do just that. 


The sudden death of my dad in a car accident, sent me on a journey where I thought I'd never find my place. I was studying Psychology, but experienced intimately how short life can be. It was time to follow what brought me joy and see whether my love of performing had any possibility. My dad was an incredible singer as was my Grandmother and Great mother before that. It is in my DNA but they never pursued performing as a profession. It was time to see if I could. I swallowed my own fear and stepped into my courage successfully auditioning for WAAPA. But as I studied, I also grieved. Drama gave me the space to do that, but even then, I was acutely aware of the vulnerable places actors find within themselves to connect with their work and I was prone to not having adequate safe boundaries around me. I knew I wasn't alone.

As I journeyed along in the professional world as an actor, singer, voice artist and writer, navigating the highs and lows of a very complex and at times brutal industry, getting married and becoming a mum, a new anxiety came over me. I had lost a sense of myself. Where there was a spark, I now simply felt stress and loneliness. I needed something more. I had already done my BA in Psychology and it was there that I discovered the psychotherapy called Psychodrama. I knew I would come back to it and now was the time.


Psychodrama is a dynamic experiential approach that brings the mind onto the floor using action methods. It integrates gut instincts, feelings and thoughts by embodying and interacting with the unconscious world and abstract concepts in our heads normally left unseen.  I work with children, actors, adults and families. My philosophy that learning and real change happens best when it's a whole body experience is at the core of everything I do.


Where once I felt I had let myself down by stepping away from the big auditions, It has turned out to be quite the opposite as I have found myself in a niche where all my different passions and areas of expertise fit perfectly together. ​It is this unique combination of skills that allows me to guide you through your challenges and goals so that you become your own effective problem solver finding the answers within. I take your roadblocks, and turn them into road signs, so that you can head in the direction you want to go, feeling lighter, freer and with a sense of clarity about where to next. And most of all....JOY! All you need is a bit of good old courage and a willingness to allow the elements to emerge in a way that may surprise, but that that also lets you get to know yourself in a more powerful and compassionate way.


Along with working this way in the Arts with actors and the wider artistic community, I have taken my area of expertise and philosophy into the Education and Corporate world Nationally and Internationally and am the Co-Founded and director of Sprouts Creative. It is company that combines the arts with emotional wellbeing so children learn life-changing skills while having fun. The innovative programs have attracted support from VicHealth, Drama Victoria and Creative Victoria.


My approach is dynamic, intuitive and collaborative, allowing me to work with a diverse range of clients in therapeutic, artistic and education settings for trauma, character development and social emotional learning (to name a few).I also happen to be a published author and have presented at workshops and conferences nationally and internationally.


I love this work and I want everyone to experience it.​


Wild Flowers
"I went into the workshop with no expectations, I had no idea what lay ahead of me, but I can tell you it was one of the best experiences of my life."

Leah Bourne - Actor

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