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The Power of Creativity:Artistic Women and the Benefit of Psychodrama

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I often reflect on the power of creativity and how it gives someone purpose and happiness. So what happens when our creativity is compromised? In particular, I am interested in how women navigate the world of the Arts to ensure a sustainable and satisfying career? I am a psychodramatist, performer, and mother of three. I have been an actor for over 20 years with many highlights along the way, but my anxiety grew enormously after having my first child. The thought of auditioning for large shows sent me into a panic.

My voice would cut out on the big notes in songs for no reason and my legs would almost give way beneath me walking into an audition environment.

I started to doubt my ability and really questioned my love of performing. I lost the connection to my creativity and I wanted to find my way back to it. I decided to step away from the industry for a time. I began training as a Psychodramatist when my eldest was 10 months old. He is now almost 10. I already had a BA in Psychology, before my years at WAAPA so it was a natural progression. 

This life affirming process brings together my two loves of psychology and creative expression. It helps people rediscover and reconnect with their authentic selves so they feel empowered to make choices that allow them to live a more fulfilled life. 

Psychodrama put simply, is the process of using role play to explore the challenges, obstacles and aspirations that we face, connecting the thinking, feeling and action in the present moment. The action comes from the ideas that emerge within the group.

This process has a particularly positive impact on the lives of people in the arts and I am particularly passionate about working with women. How do we work with our creative blocks and obstacles? How do we find our flow in an industry that is notoriously inconsistent and sometimes brutal? How do we connect with one another rather than feel isolated? My work allows me to work intuitively and as I am also a performer, I have a unique understanding of an artist's inner world and I am grateful for this insight. The skills I employ ensures a safe and creative environment. I gently guide and allow women to connect with their inner blocks and obstacles by exploring what emerges within them. The outcome is a greater level of self awareness and authenticity from the fresh perspective that I enable.

The Arts industry asks us to step out of our comfort zone all the time, but how do we stay emotionally safe and ensure that our creative needs are met? How often do we have the opportunity to stop and reflect on what we need? Let’s face it, life is busy and the potential for it all to become too much is never far away. I love what I do and want to give other women the opportunity to experience what I have learnt? So to all you fine creative women who juggle and perhaps feel your creativity has become lost in process of living, or want a new relationship with it, I encourage you to make some time for yourself. Let's explore and keep the spirit alive together. For who are we without our creativity? Survive we might but thrive we won't.

Creating Space: A workshop for women in the Arts will be held in the Macedon Ranges on Sunday May 26 from 12-4pm.

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This article appears in the Actor's Equity Magazine April 2019.

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