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Navigating Creativity and Care: A Mother's Journey to Support the Wellbeing of a Child Actor.

Film is more than storytelling; it's a medium that breathes life into the intricacies of human experience—the magic of connection amidst the truths and illusions it weaves. Yet, behind the scenes of creativity lies the bustling machinery of the film industry—a realm where art meets commerce, where every project is a delicate balance of artistic vision and financial pragmatism.

In this world, where schedules are tight and stakes are high, the arrival of a child actor can bring both fresh energy and unique challenges. My journey with my 13-year-old son, cast as the lead in a significant TV series, epitomises this delicate dance between opportunity and responsibility. As his mother, an actor, and a psychotherapist specialising in Psychodrama, I've had the privilege—and the weight—of guiding him through this incredible experience.

From auditions to preparing for intense roles, I've witnessed firsthand the power of nurturing creativity while ensuring emotional safety. My son's journey has been a testament to his natural instincts and openness, qualities that have flourished on screen, from his subtle expressions in "Penguin Bloom" to now embodying the complex role of Eli Bell in "Boy Swallows Universe."

" He owns the screen and is so natural and engaging with acting skills way beyond his years. It’s a stunning performance that doesn’t even feel like a performance. It is just so real."
Phil Brown -

Navigating his initial anxieties about acting conflicting with his passion for sport required delicate handling. Through psychodrama and unconditional support, I helped him see acting as a journey of self-discovery, not a hindrance to other aspirations. Each audition and role has been a stepping stone in his growth, requiring new levels of vulnerability and courage.

Supporting a child actor goes beyond logistical roles; it's about fostering an environment where they feel secure to explore their craft. On set, amidst the demands of an adult production, ensuring he feels safe and supported has been paramount. The industry's structured chaos demands professionalism, yet at its core, success hinges on emotional readiness and resilience.

For me, this journey has been a profound exploration of motherhood and professional roles intersecting. Balancing the demands of family, business, and personal aspirations has been challenging, often accompanied by waves of guilt. Yet, supporting my son through his artistic journey has illuminated the importance of being present and authentic in every role I inhabit—mother, guide, and fellow artist.

As he immersed himself in the role of Eli Bell, I too was challenged to confront my vulnerabilities and aspirations. My role extends beyond logistical support; it's about helping him navigate the complexities of character and self-discovery, ensuring he emerges not only as a skilled actor but as a grounded individual.

In essence, my journey with Felix has reaffirmed my love for supporting actors in realising their potential. Beyond being his guardian, I am a companion in his artistic journey, drawing on my experiences in acting and psychodrama to nurture his growth and understanding of self within his craft.

On Sunday June 30 I am running an in person actor's workshop in Melbourne. Click here to learn more.

If you have a young actor in your midst and want to explore how best to support them, please don't hesitate to reach out to book an appointment.

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